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To buy essential oils, accessories, diffusers, skin and hair care from doTERRA click here.



Get the prettiest labels for your oils from our friend Rachel at Oakley & Me Designs.



Looking to make your own blends or cleaning products in various sizes? Here is one supplier in Perth that we like to order from.


how to buy doterra essential oils


Are you ready to enrol yourself as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate so you can get all the member benefits including buying your essential oils at wholesale prices?



The following info will help.

By enrolling, you will gain access to wholesale pricing, meaning quality oils at a more affordable cost to you.

While some advocates choose to turn their love of oils into a business, it is absolutely not necessary if you don't want to. You can order oils monthly on a Loyalty Reward Program (LRP), or place sporadic orders daily, weekly or twice a year - it is totally up to you. You are not locked into anything.

Membership costs $35 for your first year, and $25 per year after that if you choose to continue. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you. Please read and complete each step properly.

  1. To become a member of my I Am Wonder Mum community, click on this link to my doTERRA Wellness Advocate page.
  2. Click Join & Save on the menu.
  3. Select your Language and Location and click Continue.
  4. Select Local (OTG) Order and click Continue.
  5. You can either select Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate (have a read of both descriptions and choose the one that best suits you) and click Continue. We highly recommend choosing the Wellness Advocate option as this contains more benefits for no extra cost.
  6. Complete your personal details and verify Enroller ID as Sarah Yeo. Please enter the following ID: 3834333 if it doesn't appear automatically.
  7. Create a password you will remember and record it somewhere.
  8. Accept the Terms & Conditions and click Continue.
  9. Select the oils you wish to purchase in your first order. Kits are a great, cost effective way to start your collection. Note: If you purchase an enrollment kit (Home Essentials is popular), your $35 annual fee is waived. Each consecutive year, your membership can be renewed for $25 (and doTERRA will send you a bottle of Peppermint Oil valued at $25.50). Otherwise, you can pay the $35 enrollment fee, and select your individual oils at wholesale prices. This document details all oils and products, their uses and pricing.
  10. Complete billing info and click Process Order Now and Continue.
  11. Enter payment information and click Process Order and you are done!
  12. Mel (Essential Mumma), will be in touch with you to welcome you to our doTERRA community and send you some helpful tips on how to get started. She will also be your support person, and help to guide you through future orders and LRP. If you wish, you have the option of joining our support pages on social media, as well as attending local workshops in your area. They are designed to empower you to use and love your essential oils!

Ordering essential oils at retail price (no membership)

  1. Follow this link and click Shop on the menu.
  2. Select your Language and Location and click Continue.
  3. Select Local (OTG) Order and click Continue.
  4. Under Our Products, browse through the oils, add them to your cart and enjoy!

Send me or Mel an email if you have ANY questions along the way, we are here to help!